Cubietruck project

The Cubietruck is a small PC motherboard which uses a dual core ARM chip. A hard disk case was not available at the time I purchased it so I bought an external HDD disk case designed to hold a 3.5 inch Hard Disk.

I removed the internal (steel) tray, which unfortunately was slightly too narrow to fit the Cubie Truck board, and the small USB IC board. Then I built a new tray out of plastic and aluminum. My original design had higher sides but I had this angled aluminum lying around and decided to use it. The width of the inside of the case is 114mm and the CubieTruck board is 111mm long so not much wiggle room but as the width of the aluminum rails is only 0.8mm it was just enough.

To hold the SSD drive I quickly made this plastic riser, planning to replace it with an aluminum one later.

The SSD is a 128GB model. I looked for a cheap one with low power requirements. It was about 9,000 yen ($90.00). This one works fine using a 2.1 amp 5V power adapter.

As the internal USB ports will not be accessible I bought a small USB hub and mounted it at the front. It is is a tight fit for the small USB extension cable but at least it comes included with the Cubietruck. This picture show the completed computer next to another Cubietruck on its included plastic case. Although it looks larger the black box is very small – 194mm x 118mm x 33mm. The Wireless adapter on the front was purchased from HardKernel for use with the Odroid. I still haven’t been able to get the built-in wi-fi working.

Total cost:

$110.00 Cubietruck:  (including shipping)

$90.00 128 GB SSD

$18.00 3.5″ HDD Case

$10.00 USB AC Adapter

$8.00 USB Hub

$8.00 USB WiFi Adapter

$7.00 Aluminium, plastic, screws etc.

$251.00 Total


I have installed Fedora 20 (the latest version). I will provide some information on the software installation later.

2 thoughts on “Cubietruck project

  1. I like it : )

    Have you had any cooling issues? Mine runs a tad hot in the stock plastic case.

  2. Hi,

    It doesn’t get hot, but I haven’t closed off the ends of the case yet. I haven’t applied the heat sync on the CPU yet either (although it doesn’t look like it would be very effective).


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