Blue ice surfaces in glacier’s terminal lake

4:11 PM Friday Jan 14, 2011

Tourists on a boat trip in Mount Cook National Park were subject to a rare treat when a section of densely compressed blue ice at the base of an iceberg was briefly visible.

The ice only remains blue for around two hours after it oxidises. Photo / Magic Memories

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Penguin in zoo strolls into lions’ den – Yahoo! News

– Thu Jan 6, 12:55 pm ET

BERLIN (Reuters) – A resourceful baby penguin took advantage of Germany’s wintry weather to give her minders the slip and embark on a tour of the zoo before waddling into the lions’ den.

A visitor spotted the African penguin, born in September, taking a stroll in the lion enclosure but the animal was lucky as the lions were asleep inside rather than braving the icy weather outside, Muenster zoo said on its website.

It took keepers a day to get the penguin out of the den, luring her out with a trail of herrings, the statement said.

The escape gave the penguin, up to then only known as number 459, a name. Her minder now calls her Leona, the zoo said.

(Reporting by Annika Breidthardt, editing by Paul Casciato)

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New Year 2010-11

Well I have watched a few movies during the (too short) holiday. Here is the list with a short comment. I will try to expand it further over time.

Killshot, Mickey Rourke etc. Avg. 4/10. Save your money. (I’m still a big fan. Check out Angel Heart & Rumble Fish.)

Nine Daniel Day Lewis. Musical. Didn’t finish it. 3/10.

The Rocker Mildly amusing. 5/10 Watched with my teenage children.

The Book of Eli Denzel Washington. Mad Max with fewer cars. 5/10

Whip It Only watched the first 30 minutes. My 16 year old daughter said she liked it.

Shutter Island (Apple Store Rental) 6/10. Guessed the ‘ending’ after about 30 minutes. Still, not bad but drags and feels disjointed at the end.

I love you Phillip Morris (Apple Store Rental) 6/10. Not as funny as I expected but some good parts.

Getting started with WordPress

Cool things about WordPress –

1) It’s free.
2) It’s easy and relatively painless to install. Go here.
3) The administration page is well organized and easy to understand (after you’ve used it a few times).
4) Tons of free plugins that are easy to install and update.
5) Same for themes.

Suggestions –

1) Register your own domain. This one was registered for 3 years for about $25.00.
2) Find a good hosting company. This site is hosted on It costs only a few dollars a month which includes many (up to 500!) email addresses. Don’t worry if you have never set up a web site before – the hosting company should provide instructions and support if you need it. It does help to know a little HTML.
3) If you want to experiment with different layouts/themes etc. download MAMP (if you are a Mac user). More information here. Similar solutions are available for other platforms.

If you have any questions or get stuck, add a comment and I’ll try to help.