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My name is Darren Saunders. I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and now live in Ashiya, Japan. I work for a big company that makes small things. This is my personal site and content and comments posted here are not in any way associated with my employer.

I created this site to share some of my thoughts and creative work. I hope that you will share some of your on too. (I’m still working on the best way to achieve that.) My interests include music, photography, poetry, programming, design and movies.

Thanks for dropping by and hope you find something interesting.

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  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for putting up your instructions/experience setting up the U2913WM with a Mac. I have just purchased the same monitor and have gone through the steps listed on your website. I have run into two problems, despite going through the same steps. Perhaps you can assist me with the troubleshooting? I am using the mini displayport to display port that came with the monitor.

    1. When I switch to ypbpr, the U2913WM screen goes green. I have read on Dell forums that the U2913WM monitor does not support ypbpr. But you seem to have had success, no?

    2. This is the bigger issue as I can live with RGB over ypbpr… I can get the screen to mirror my MacBook Pro (mid-2010, 15″, i7) and can get it to run at 2560×1080 except that the image on the U2913WM monitor is not full screen. Instead of 21×9, it just displays the normal MacBook Pro dimensions of 16×10. This is obviously an issue I’m very concerned about as it defeats the purpose of having a 21×9 capable monitor. I’ve tried every setting on the MacBook Pro and on the U2913WM monitor and nothing seems to work.

    I’ve tried using an HDMI connection but that doesn’t allow for the 2560 portion of the resolution and everything just looks stretched.

    Do you think that it’s an issue with the pack-in mini-displayport to displayport cable? I have a mini-displayport to mini-displayport cable on order from monoprice but that won’t arrive for a week or so. Do you think I should hunt down a DVI-D cable?

    I’m sorry for peppering you with so many questions, it just seems that you’re the only resource on the entire internet for hooking a U2913WM monitor up to a Mac!

    If you have a moment to weigh in with your thoughts, I would be very grateful!

    Thank you!

  2. Hi Mark,

    Wow, you are having trouble. I am perhaps not as much an expert as I might seem however I will try to help. My monitor is definitely set to ypbpr in the Color Settings. I tried to switch it to RGB just now and the screen went green. It is strange that my settings are opposite to yours. It does hint at a cable issue or a hardware problem on the monitor…

    If the cable is bad then I guess that would explain the resolution.

    I suggest that you reset the display (Press “Reset all Settings” under “Factory Reset” in “Other Settings”) then turn it off and remove the power cable from the back of the display. Make sure the display port cable is connected properly both on the Mac and Monitor, then plug the monitor power cable back in and turn it on. It *should* show the correct resolution.

    A DVI-D cable will only show 1920 x 1080 – same as HDMI.

    If above doesn’t work, can you borrow another Mac with a display port/thunderbolt port from someone? Trouble shooting us best done by replacing one component at a time to narrow down the cause.

    Good luck.


  3. Hello Darren!

    Long time no see…”stumbled” upon this excellent WordPress blog-site ofyours. Am especially impressed with your “Star Trek”-kian Dell u2913WM display setup. Glad to read your musical tastes and musings have improved as the years have passed.
    Will visit Japan next month (mostly be in Osaka/Kansai). Might even see Slavek and Justin in Tokyo. Up for a trip to Kanto? Hope to see you soon. Check out the email I sent to your gol acct. All the best, Mike

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