Goodbye dear friend

Our dearly loved cat Mocha died yesterday. She had diabetes and I didn’t know. If I had taken her to the vet a day earlier she might still be alive. If your pet starts drinking a lot more or much less or stops eating, take him or her to the vet right away. If you found this while searching because your pet is throwing up for no reason, stop reading this and take it to the vet now!

As a kitten Mocha was full of fun and energy. We had to keep her inside as we weren’t supposed to have pets in our building. Our young son had asked for a cat and when the family cat had kittens we brought her home. She added joy to our lives and quickly became one of the family. I fed her a mixture of dry and wet cat food. Recently she had come to love eating dried squid as a treat. She had this way of rolling on her back and putting her paws in front that was so cute. She didn’t do it very often. I always thought that was when she seemed to be the most relaxed and happy.

She never liked going out. We had to take her to the family house sometimes when we went away on holiday. She hated being put into her cat bag. When we got there she would run into the living room and hide under a big round coffee table. When we came back to get her it always took ages to get her to come out. We always called her a scaredy cat. She would hardly ever even go out on to our balcony. Once or twice she climbed under the dividing wall and went to the neighbours place but I never saw her do it.

The first thing I did when I got home everyday was to call for her, if she wasn’t already waiting. Last week it was very hot during the day and my wife was away. When I got home and called she didn’t come out. I searched for her for an hour until I found her under one of the beds. She seemed depressed and didn’t want to come out. Eventually she came out and I felt bad for leaving her alone. Our place gets hot during the day. The vet said that cats with diabetes can be affected more by heatstroke.

A couple of years ago Mocha stopped eating wet cat food. I would open a small can of fish and she would sniff and walk away. Maybe it was one of the first signs of diabetes that I missed. I just thought she had gone off it and started to feed her dry kibble mostly. I tried to give her a mixture af types and flavors. Some websites say that too much carbohydrates are not good for diabetic animals. Same for humans too. The carbohydrates get turned into sugar.

I write this now in the early morning. I can’t sleep because and I am filled with sadness and regret. Even two days ago I couldn’t have imagined that she would be gone. I decided to publish this not for sympathy but to spread awareness that pets can get diabetes, in the hope that it will help someone else. Here are some websites I found too late:

Writing this doesn’t help much and I will never be able to bring back our pet. If you have a pet please watch it carefully and take it to the vet once or twice a year for a checkup.

The shaking time…

Last week I travelled 20,000 km, from one land staggering from disaster to one still struggling to stand, and back. The only constant is change has become the only constant is destruction. It seems that that world is tearing itself apart, geographically, politically, socially, economically, ecologically… while the Dow Jones Industrial average keeps climbing, the bankers keep stuffing their pockets at the expense of everyone else and the debt keeps mounting…

But while we’re still here, check out the new band of the week, Shout out louds